Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I was familiar with H2O+ and had used a few of their body products before, but I had no idea that they make lip care products! So I was super excited to try their H2O+ Lip Oasis. This clear gloss is meant to plump your pout. First off, I like the package. It's classy looking and luxurious. The product itself comes with in a tube with lip applicator and the product is the consistency of a rich lip gloss, but it's a soft off-white color that applies sheer an see-through on the lips. It helps to define lips, plump them, and help your lips achieve their true natural lip pigment. I like the feel of this gloss on my lips. I have fuller lips anyway, but I found that this formula did make my lips feel smoother and nicer. Also, it doesn't sting or burn like other plumpers. This gloss helps to make my lips look even plumper and it was very comfortable to wear, under or on top of lipstick. I really like this stuff. It's $25 at H2O+.

Okay, this stuff is awesome. H2O+ Sea Mineral Cleanser is a creamy moisturizing lotion that is meant to be applied to a dry face, then with wet hands you work it into a light lather, then rinse. This cleanser with clean your skin, without drying it out, and this is also great as a makeup remover. Sometimes taking eye makeup off can be a pain, but I used this lotion and gently massaged the lather onto my closed eyes and rinsed and my makeup came off much easier! I also really like the scent of this lotion, it smells really pleasant and clean. It also has sea minerals in it which helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. You get a nice sized tube of product and a little goes a long way. The tube is nice too, it's a pretty silver color with the H2+ logo in blue. I really like this! My skin felt so soft after use, and it helps to get rid of the foundation, liner, and mascara on my face. You can get a tube of this cleanser for $18.

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Marce said...

The gloss sounds great! I hadn't heard of H2O making glosses either, but I'm not too familiar with the brand to begin with!