Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ramy Beauty

I just recently found a new HG (holy grail) mascara...Ramy Beauty Lash Extension 101! This stuff is awesome. It's a two step product, that involves using one tube of One Stop Shopping Mascara, and one tube of Triumph Mascara Revitalizer. The tubes are small and discreet, but offer a nice amount of product which doesn't clump on the brush. The mascara applies evenly and nicely, coating lashes, without weighing them down. I found this product to actually make my lashes appear darker, lusher, and longer than any other mascara I've used. I'm pretty much sold on this product! My lashes didn't feel sticky or clumpy, so no spiderlashes here. You apply one tube first, then the other, and even though it takes two steps and two applications, it was quick and easy. I need more of this stuff! You can get it at Ramy Beauty for $35.

I recently tried another Ramy product that I really like, it's called Ramy Pure Water. It's a foaming facial cleanser, that smells lovely and is refreshing and cleansing to the skin without drying the face out. It comes in three scents, Rose, Lavender, and Sugar Water. I tried Lavender and I like the relaxing scent, the ease of using the cleanser, and the fact that since it comes out as a foam, it's very easy to distribute onto the face, which ensures that I didn't miss any spots. Another awesome thing about this product is that you can use it as a makeup remover! Just use the foam to remove makeup, no need to rinse! I really like this cleansing foam and hope to try the Sugar Water scent next! You can get this product at the Ramy website for $22 a bottle.

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