Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Zombetty Bows

I love handmade accessories, so when I found the Etsy shop Zombetty Bows (a playful take on "zombie" "betty") I was so excited to see all of the items that she makes. She makes earrings, hair clips, bows, and more. I adore her hair clips, and her flower air clips. Lots of cute kitschy and retro designs. I adore the Leopard Bronze Locket Bow, pictured above. 


I also really like this cute salor-girl style True Love hair clip, so cute! very unique and only $10. I got a pair of super cute old movie monster earrings and a hair flower from Zombetty Bows, and they are so cute! Check out a pair of the earrings below.

Her hair flowers are so pretty! She has pin-up style hair flowers in all colors, including red, white, and black. I really like this pretty Deluxe Black Rose Hair Clip, it's only $10. Nearly everything in the store is $10 or less, so everything is very affordable. I really like the designs offered in the Etsy shop, I just love all of the unique and fun goodies you can find at Etsy.

Check out all of the super cute items pictured above, and see the other goodies available from Zombetty Bows at:

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