Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pangea Organics

I really like Pangea Organics, their products are body safe and eco-friendly. I recently tried their bar soap in Pyrenees Lavender with Damiana Tea. It smells AWESOME. Very uplifting and relaxing. The soap is great for soothing the skin and relieving tension. I really like the tea and the lavender scent together, they work well to make a really nice fragrant scent that left my skin feeling soft and smooth. Also, check out the packaging...see that box that the soap comes in? It's biodegradable! You can plane the box in the earth, or recycle it! Either way, it's less waste and trash from the environment, which is awesome. Their soap is affordable too, a nice sized bar will only cost you $8.

I also recently tried the Pangea Organics body lotion in Chilean Red Clover with Geranium and Grapefruit. This scent is spicy and rich, it's exotic and pretty. Definitely not like any other lotion I have ever used before It made my skin feel smooth, and it melted into my skin very nicely and absorbed well. I adore the packaging also, it's a really pretty bottle. This lotion helps to nourish the skin and to uplift the senses. The lotion comes in a light caramel color and you can feel the oils in the lotion which make it so moisturizing. You get a nice sized bottle for $18. I really want to try more Pangea Organics products. Quality items, affordable prices, good for the body AND the earth? Great job, Pangea!

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