Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Demeter Fragrances

Looking for fun and affordable gifts for the fragrance lover on your holiday shopping list? Demeter Fragrance has a line of exclusive holiday scents! They come in a variety of types such as roll on scent, splash and go scent, sprays, and even shower gels. I recently tried a few of the limited Holiday scents including: Snow, Gingerbread, Egg Nog, Christmas Bouquet, Fireplace, Mistletoe and Mulled Cider. Each scent is relaxing, yummy, not-overly sweet or artificial, and has really nice staying power. I sometimes use the cologne spray as a room mist, which makes my room smell very festive and fun.

Each fragrance comes in a cute glass bottle with a metallic cap and metallic spray pump, with a simple yet pretty Demeter logo on the front. 1 oz cologne spray is only $20! So these would be ideal for stocking stuffers, secret santa gift, gifts for co-workers, or friends on a tight budget. The Mini Splash scents and roll On perfume scents are even more affordable at only $6 and $10. With this price range it makes it easy to pick up multiple items in different scents for all your friends! The Demeter Fragrance Egg Nog Spray was my favorite from the Holiday collection, it just smells yummy! Not too eggy or spicy, it smells warm and comforting and definitely reminds me of holiday parties. Demeter Gingerbread is really spicy and fragrant, I can smell clove and cinnamon and nutmeg along with the fresh heat from the ginger. Demeter Snow is very clean and fresh, while Demeter Fireplace is much more whimsical and features a smoky scent. Demeter Mulled Cider smells richly of apples and spices. If holiday scents are't your thing, they also have fruity scents, food scents, and other fun fragrances.
Definitely a budget friendly gift thats both unique and smells fab.

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