Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Review: Candy Striper from Arda Wigs

I think that life would be so much more interesting if everybody had an awesome hair color like hot pink or blue. This wig immediately made me think of mermaids and a Candyland princess when I first set my sights on it. It's the Candy Striper style from Arda Wigs!

This style is heat resistant, and made of hiperlon fiber. I am very impressed with the quality of the synthetic fibers, it feels very similar to real hair! The color is a gorgeous blend of complementing colors. It was so cool to look at myself in the mirror with a non-conventional hair color! I have had blonde hair, brown hair, red hair, black hair but never anything as awesome as blue! Besides the color, the style is stunning and a style that I would wear with my regular hair as well. One of my favorite things about this wig is that it's a high fashion twist on an otherwise effortlessly glamorous style. This wig has an impressive price tag as well: $35 plus shipping which is a *steal* for the quality! The selection available at Arda Wigs is great - the perfect amount of variety! The company website is easy to navigate and you can search wigs by color/style or character (if you're a cosplay fan)! Arda Wigs also has excellent customer service, always at the top of my list when choosing a company to become a customer of, as well as featuring them on my blog.

And just for fun, I decided to turn myself into a cartoon/anime girl!

I love the beautiful curls on this wig, the pretty bold color, and the fact that the streaks of purple really pop and look awesome against the blue color.  I also really like the feeling of the Hiperlon fiber, it feels similar to real hair. Also, these wigs are NOT mass produced. They are handmade from a group of gals who like fun wigs and create each lace caps and hair color/style. Also, the inner lace cap inside the wig, the part that secures the wig to your head fits nicely, it has a good amount of stretch, and it didn't fall off my head. Also, the lace cap was very high quality. I've tried a few wigs from other mass produced brands, and while they were awesome, they cost more than the wigs from Arda yet the Arda wigs quality was just as good if not better. I also really liked the quality, fit, and style of the lace cap from Arda Wigs. This wig is affordable, but it's anything but cheap! When it comes to quality Arda Wigs is really top-notch, and the wigs are filled with hair, rather than having blank spaces from not enough hair being used, these wigs are thick and luxurious. I could see these wigs being used for fun events like parties, Comic-Con, and more! I hope to try more Arda Wigs in the future.


Lillian Funny Face said...

You look great in it!

AnickH said...

im a total wig junkie too. that candy striper one looks awesome on you. i want to get the same one but im thinking about getting the purple rain. have you bought any more arda wigs since this one? whats your favorite online wig store?

Ashley & Amber said...

Thank you both! @AnickH: I actually recently purchased a light copper red wig from Arda, I love that one as well! The shipping was super fast! The wig stores I have featured so far (wigs-us.com, wigsonline.com, arda-wigs.com, and wigssalon.com) are my favorite wig shops that I have come across online. :)