Monday, November 14, 2011

Paperself Lashes

 Have you heard of Paperself Lashes? They're fake lashes, made of, yes...paper! Crazy, cool, fun, trendy, and high fashion. These delicate lashes can be applied just as you normally would apply faux eyelashes, using your favorite lash glue. They are lightweight and pretty easy to apply. They also come in full strips of lashes, or small strips, depending on how dramatic of a look you're going for. The lashes look unlike any other lashes I've seen before, they don't simulate real lashes at all, these are fun fantasy lashes with fun shapes like horses, butterflies, and flowers.

I recently tried the PAPERSELF Peacock Lashes, which are available for $19 at Paperself is a UK based company, but they sell in the US through Sephora. $19 might be a bit pricey for lashes made of paper, but they're pretty and unique and offer a fun shape, so for occasions where you're looking for something bold and trendy, these lashes are it. The lashes are super cute, but are pretty long and I decided to wear them by cutting the strip and using just a piece on the ends of my lashes. You could just buy smaller strips of the lashes if you don't want to use the full strip, I'll probably do that next time. However, if you have the full strip and feel that it's too much, simply trim it like you would any other fake lashes.

PAPERSELF Peacock lashes, full strip in package
Picture of me wearing a strip on ends of lashes

Lashes made of paper, definitely not something I would rock every day, but it's definitely fun for once and awhile! I'd like to try the Under the Sea lashes next time. Would be fun to wear for a cool Christmas or New Years party!

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Lillian Funny Face said...

They are so cool, I love them. I've wanted a pair for ages, but I never wear false lashes anyway so I can't justify buying these :(