Saturday, November 12, 2011

Jon Renau Party Girl Wig review: Pink, it was love at first sight...

I thought a line from the Aerosmith song "Pink" would be a fitting title for this post.

Wigs are my newest obsession. I have tried colors like blonde and black and blue, but pink is my favorite color. I have been curious about hot pink hair for a long time and even considered dyeing my hair hot pink. To save myself the mess and committment, I opted for a hot pink wig (from the brand Jon Renau) from Wigs Online! The style is called "Party Girl". I love the style; the blunt bangs, the long length, and the vibrancy of the hot pink color. This wig color also comes in other bright colors like blue and bright red and fuchsia (to name a few). This is my first Jon Renau wig and I must say; I am VERY impressed with it! The Jon Renau Party Girl wig arrived in a sleek black Jon Renau box, the wig is covered in a black mesh protective cap so that the tresses don't get messed up in transit. My order from came very quickly and was packaged nicely. As soon as I saw the hot pink, I couldn't wait to put it on!

Out of all of the wigs I have tried so far, this wig has the most realistic feel - almost like real hair! Very silky and smooth. It was very easy to put the wig on, I sometimes have trouble sliding the wigs on (even with a wig cap) because my natural hair is very very thick. There is a lot of stretch to this wig cap, so I imagine it would fit all head sizes with minimal effort.

I also considered the Party Girl Stripe wig. I guess Nicki Minaj was seen sporting the Party Girl Stripe wig and although it is awesome, I didn't want people to think that I chose the wig for that reason. Hot pink is much more "me" though, and I really couldn't be happier with my choice!

After trying this wig, I LOVE it! It's definitely one of my favorites. I'm looking forward to trying more Jon Renau wigs in the future. The quality is great, and the price is very affordable ($46.50 at!

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Brianne said...

You look fabulous, Ashley! I'm so glad you like to wig! Jon Renau has a lot of beautiful costume and everyday styles.
If your readers have any wig questions, they can email me at


Hav BwB said...

they look so cool! I like ghow you were yours, very risky yet tasteful.

Hav BwB said...

*how, wore. Sheesh lol.