Thursday, November 17, 2011

Firefall Studios Artisan Jewelry

I recently found this beautiful jewelry shop on Etsy called Firefall Studios, that is run by a really nice husband and wife team George and Jean. They create lovely artisan jewelry such as rings, earrings, and necklaces out of sterling silver, gemstones, and unique and fun textures. Each piece is handmade and cast from a design that is created by the couple. They use beautiful textures like tree branches, waves, flowers and more. I really like that each piece is handmade, and that it's a family run business. With all of the Occupy protests going on, myself and a lot of other people are looking to handmade items and small businesses rather than constantly shopping through "big" retailers. So I definitely recommend shopping with this company, they're a small business, ship quickly, and offer great jewelry at affordable prices. Also, because they made each piece handmade, each piece is not mass produced, so these jewelry pieces are much more unique than jewelry you'd find in your local low-end Claire's or high-end Tiffany's.

I got this super pretty Little Waves Sterling Silver Ring that looks like the tide rolling in foamy white waves, so delicate and unique looking. I love the ocean, so to me, this piece was really stunning. You can feel the high quality of the silver, and the thickness of the band is very comfortable, not too thin of a band and not too thick. Firefall Studios Jewelry can also re-size their selection of rings, so if you like a ring and need a different size, they can accommodate that. Each jewelry piece also comes in a little silver gift box, so they're perfect for holiday gifts. Here is my pretty Little Waves ring:

These are a few of my other favorites from the shop:

Gold Petal Flower Ring ($78.50)
Silver Tempest Earrings ($58)
Make a Wish Pendant Necklace ($43)
Vintage-style Ring with Amethyst ($85)
Kiss Ring with Pink Tourmaline ($40)

They have a nice variety of earrings and necklaces as well as rings, rings are my favorite and they have some really fun and pretty designs. A lot of lesser quality brands that you can find in specialty stores sell for much more, so these are really quite affordable for the nice quality. If you want to check out the shop and see what other goodies they have, you can see the entire collection at

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NYC, Style and a little Cannoli said...

lovely items..etsy is so wonderful for real artists and unique gifts. I love it when the gift is original and no one else has them....great find!