Monday, November 2, 2015

Shades Of Lipstick Love: Metallic Red

I would be majorly lying if I said that I haven't on more than one occasion bought a lipstick that closely resembled another shade in my collection. There are just some colors that I love so much that I can't resist a new formula/texture/basically any excuse I can come up with to buy it. I don't think I will ever have enough shimmering reds in my collection. So bring it on, beauty brands! You keep making these gorgeous ruby jewel-toned reds, and I will keep buying them.
*I recently swatched and reviewed Lipstick Queen's Red Metal lipstick in my first Swatch My Collection post.

All swatches were taken with a camera flash without lip liner.

M.A.C Port Red
(yellow red with gold pearlized pigments)
 Sadly, this shade is no longer available. I have two precious tubes of this lipstick, and I had to track down both tubes on eBay. I didn't pay an outrageous price either time - more than it originally retailed for, but nothing outrageous or unjustifiable. This was my introduction to red metallic lipstick colors. Port Red holds a special place in my heart; because it created a love that is going strong to this day.

M.A.C Queen's Sin
(intense red with red pearl)
 This shade is also no longer available. Queen's Sin was first introduced to makeup lovers everywhere in the 2007 Antiquitease holiday collection. I missed out on it when it originally launched, but swatches and rave reviews made me fall in love with the color. I accepted that I would never own "Queen's Sin" - until one day, I decided to take a chance and purchase it on eBay. "Queen's Sin" has a bit of a prominent pink tone, in comparison to the rest of my shimmering reds.

(bright pearly red)
Finally, a shade that is available! This was the second metallic red I ever owned, which only confirmed that my love for a shimmering red lip was true. My sister also loves this lipstick. My best friend always compliments it. I love this shade on its own (pictured above), but one of my favorite ways to wear this color is with a clear gloss on top. The gloss really brings out the micro-glitters in this shade!

M.A.C Viva Glam Rihanna
(blue red frost)
Another discontinued shade, but worth mentioning. Viva Glam Rihanna is very similar to Port Red. My sister and I did a side by side comparison, and the difference was hardly noticeable. This shade looks great on every skintone I have ever seen it on. My mom wore Viva Glam Rihanna to my cousin's wedding, and it really suited her!

Milani Cherry Crave
(red pearl metallic)
 I was almost positive that this shade was still available, but it appears to be discontinued. I'm surprised, because several of the Milani Color Statement lipsticks from the initial launch are still available. Luckily, this shade is still available on Amazon or eBay. I love the smell of Milani Color Statement lipsticks! This lipstick tends to look a bit warmer on my lips, but I have noticed it looks a bit different on other bloggers/makeup lovers. 


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Amber said...

I loooooove these shades. They're all gorgeous I love the way Cherry Crave photographs, how pretty.