Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide: Sephora x Jem and The Holograms part I of II [review + swatches]

A very late 80's baby, I wasn't old enough to watch the original run of Jem and The Holograms - but my big sister was! In fact, she suggested "Ashley" to my parents as a name for the baby - based on her favorite Jem character. So technically, I am named from a Jem and The Holograms TV show character. She was one of the girls from the orphanage who wanted to be a singer. Like my "namesake", I sing as well. As her little stalker sister, I naturally copied whatever she did; so when she would watch re-runs in the 90's, I watched them with her. I specifically remember the songs and Jerica/Jem's awesome style.

We were both pretty excited to hear about this collection when the news first came out in the beauty blogging world, and we were definitely not disappointed. These Jerica/Jem worthy products are everything I imagined that a Jem inspired collection would be.

I am including the full Jem and The Holograms collection in my gift guide. The first post will be about the lip products, and the second will be the eyeshadow palette and the super glam compact mirror.

My friend showed me a picture of the lipstick tube when it was first released in the promo images. Along with the photo, she said that I "need it". She was right. This is definitely a shade that hot pink lovers need. Being a huge fan of pinks with shimmer/iridescence of any kind, this lipstick was instant love. I love how vivid this shade is, and what a huge pop of a fun and bright pink this is! I don't think I will ever have enough bright pink lipstick - ever. I plan to include this again in my next "Shades Of Lipstick Love" post.

Music Is Magic
(bright pink)
I love how electric this shade is! It's very cool-toned, but I love blue-based shades so that's actually a huge plus. The matte finish is smooth. I didn't notice any particular drying properties, but I exfoliated my lips with a homemade lip scrub before application. If dryness is a concern, I usually prep my lips with a light coat of Rosebud Salve. Blot, and then apply color. This is definitely a shade that I could imagine the character Jem wearing as she takes the stage. 

To The Rescue
This pretty raspberry pink shade showed a subtle shimmer that I LOVED. I really like matte finishes with a slight iridescence that adds a glow to the otherwise matte lip color. I really like the depth and overall dimension the shimmer adds to the shade. To The Rescue photographed a bit lighter than how it appeared in person, but I don't think that really affects how pretty the color is. I love it either way.

She's Got The Power
(dark purple)
I was super excited to see a vampy dark shade in this set. I love the glow/iridescence! If you want to kick up the glam factor a bit, an application of top coat "Fashion Fame" is exactly what you need. I swatched She's Got The Power + Fashion Fame together a bit later in this review post.

Fashion Fame
(light pearl pink)
I swatched Fashion Fame twice for comparison.
On bare lips:

 Applied over She's Got The Power

I really love how Fashion Fame looks over another color! The contrast of purple against the glitters is super fun and glam. I'm obsessed with this. I literally stared at the glitters for like 5 minutes on my laptop before I continued onto the next swatch/review.

Like A Dream
This shade is a very neutral pink. It's pretty. This is my idea of what I would consider my perfect "nude". I once read a trick to finding your perfect nude is to find the color closest to your inner front side of your bottom lip. This is a pretty close match, therefore my perfect "nude" shade. I still plan on wearing Like A Dream, even though my usual preference is brighter/bolder shades.


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