Friday, April 3, 2009

Becca Cosmetics review

I officially love Becca Cosmetics. So does Glamour, Elle, Lucky, and Vogue magazine to name a few. They sell a variety of products for your complexion, eyes, lips, multi-use, and they even carry a line of brushes!
I am currently loving their Lip Tints. With seven shades to choose from varying from various nudes to sheer black currant. Even the darkest shade (lip tint in "Milla") isn't overpowering on my porcelain complexion! What I love about the several nudes to choose from, is that none of them wash me out. Each shade delivers a natural tint to your original lip color. The lip tints are not very opaque, but not so sheer where you can't even see the color payoff. I normally would find it hard to justify a $24.00 sheer lip color, but personally, I think that this is definitely worth the price tag.

*I think the "Last Chance" feature website is awesome, giving customers a chance to stock up on their favorites before they're discontinued.

Click here to find a store near you that carries this fab brand!


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