Wednesday, April 1, 2009

L.A. Colors

My first introduction to LA Colors was a beautiful (and colorful!) one. I first saw the display at "Five And Below", an awesome store on the east coast that features tons of cool stuff for $5 or less! I immediately ran over to the display of the nail polishes and loose powder eyeshadows. I guess the bright colors caught my eye. So I picked up a few shades and created some crazy colorful looks when I got home. My favorites are "Sunshine", "Black Pearl", and "Spring Fling". I actually used "Sunshine" on my lower lashline in my entry Rai's 80's themed contest.

I love the 'Nail Art', it's a long tipped brush so you can make your own designs on your nails. I like to paint my nails red and put black dots on them to look like ladybugs. Or one color like pink with a contrasting color like the gold glitter or white. I also like to paint white stripes on top of a base color and go over the white stripes with the gold glitter, it looks soo cool!

LA Colors recently came out with mineral eyeshadow duos. I tried a dark smokey one, and an ocean blue duo. I love mineral anything, so those of course made me very happy.

If you ever see an LA Colors display in any store similar to a store like "Five And Below", definitely check it out! Although I'm sure the bright attractive colors of the display will lure you in anyway...

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a place on the official website to place online orders or a store all I can say is keep your eyes open for an LA Colors display near you and check out the website!


Rai said...

LA Colors is like my favorite brand. I didn't know they had mineral make up! I bet it's fab!

Halifax said...

Makeup Masala's Makeup Mix Shop has LA Colors. I got my NYXs from her. Free shipping with $20 orders.


Couture Lady said...

It looks like a makeup candy store. Thanks for letting me know about this brand.