Monday, April 13, 2009

Liptini review

In case I haven't made it clear enough just how much I adore lip glosses, consider Liptini my newest addition to the list of brands that I adore.

The liquer lip and cheek stains are amazing. I have super pale lips, so anything to give me a base color for lipstick/gloss or to wear on its own is a winner for me. I have found that multi-purpose product in this. I have been asked if I was "feeling well" before because of my extremely pale lips, but I will definitely look way more healthy if I continue to use this stain. It's a fresh berry 'just bitten' shade, I think it is very universal and would work on virtually everyone!

And the cordial shimmering lip and cheek tints? Those are beyond awesome. Especially if you love love love shimmer. It blends very easily as a cheek tint, and looks gorgeous on lips.

Onto the "Topper lip glosses"...these are my FAVORITES. I freaking love them!

Topper lip gloss in "Strawberry Rita"

I could not stop smelling the applicator. The scent isn't quite super strawberry, but it's definitely something yummy. This looks beautiful over my pink and pinky-nude lipsticks. It is sooo pretty though.

Topper lip gloss in "Sugar Rim"

At first, I was a little bit nervous about how this color would look on my lips after looking at the color in the tube. It was the color of glittery lemon-lime gatorade! But then I applied, and WHOA. "Sugar Rim" slightly reminds me of a MAC dazzleglass. The glittery effect is beyond gorgeous! I love it over my light (and bright!) lipsticks such as MAC's Lollipop Loving, or NARS Schiap. Oh my. I am in love for sure. For the love of lipgloss, I highly recommend this shade (and the entire lipgloss line!) to any cosmetic junkie like myself. It goes with everything, and it's just sooo pretty to look at after you apply it!

*Another awesome thing about the "Topper lip glosses" is that you can get a coordinating nail polish to go with your favorite shade!

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Nina said...

Yeah, I've heard about these Liptinis! I've read that's what Blake Lively uses too!

Pale Lips said...

I use a different technique when I make my lips look pale. Im a pale lips adorer ...