Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Makeupforever review

This brand has a strong cult following of beauty buffs and professional makeup artists. Everybody respects MUFE. It's impossible not to!

HD Powder

This powder is so lightweight and translucent, it doesn't make light skintones look "ghostly" or make darker skintones appear "ashy" so everybody can win with this amazingly universal finishing powder. It is mattifies all skin textures and completes the look of an airbrushed complexion. I simply dust my face with this as a final step for 'face' makeup and it makes my skin look flawless in pictures or in person, outdoors and even in harsh lighting!

Aqua Eyes - waterproof eyelining pencil in "Bronze"

I love golden bronze-toned eye pencils. They can work for any eye color from blue to brown to green! I love the way bronze really pops the blue, draws out the green, or ignites the gold in brown eyes. Bronze, in my opinion, is the way to go with eye pencils. Black can sometimes be harsh against certain skintones, and bronze is an interesting alternative for brown eyeliner. It can be intensified for nighttime, and wearable in the daytime.

False Eyelashes in #109

I love love love false eyelashes. They frame every individual eye shape and can look completely natural or as dramatic as you want. The pair I have is #109 (Janet). The lashes are long, very thick and black. If it's "too much", you can always trim the lash a little bit or cut it in half to glue on the outer corners of your eyes to open them up a bit more. I know that sometimes mascara just isn't enough for some people. Sure, applying false eyelashes does require patience and a steady hand...but if you are willing to take the time required for a flawless application (and maybe put up with a little bit of trial and error the first few attempts), the result is so very well worth it.

Fascinating Lip Gloss in #5 (Pearly Coral Red)

Being a redhead, I love my reds and I love my corals. So when corals and reds get together, I am one very happy girl. This lipgloss is sheer, yet it is somewhat buildable. It's not as opaque as I expected or would have liked it to be, but I can't help but love it simply because the color itself is very gorgeous. If you love reds and corals, this is the perfect lipgloss combination of the two. It is, in my opinion, a face-brightening shade of lipgloss.

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