Saturday, March 27, 2010


I recently tried out this super cute tongue-in-cheek beauty brand straight out of the UK, it's called Anatomicals. Their package is cute and slightly retro, and their products have fun names like "Snog Me Senseless Lip Balm" and "None of your Foul Mouth Breath Mints". Cute, right? Hilarious and fun. I got my hands on a bunch of their products and can't wait to try more! I actually love their bath/body line. The company has a really fun vibe about them, and that is what keeps me coming back for more. Here are a few of the products that I have from the Anatomicals line.

What a Complete and Utter Glosser: This gloss is sweet and smells so yummy! It's fruity and smells like sexy strawberries. I love the gloss appeal too.
No Old Bags Allowed: This is a eye de-puffing gel that helps to reduce unsightly undereye bags.
Stop Cracking Up: This lip balm is so soothing! I love the consistency and the feel of it on my lips. Smells fresh too.
Snoozers are Losers: This is insane! They're energy patches. Seriously. You slap one on your upper arm, and it's like an energy drink for the skin. Helps keep you alert and energized.
Puffy the Eyebag Slayer: I LOVE this!!! So cute. It's a gel filled eye mask that can be warmed up or cooled off to help soothe your eyes. It can be re-used, and it's just adorable, how could you *not* smile at this eye mask?

Zap Zap Zap! gets That Chap: How cute is this blemish stick?? It's a double ended want that contains a Day/Night formula for zits. Apply a little of the Day gel during your day, and the Night gel before bed and watch that pimple shrink! ;)
 Help the Paw: I love love love this stuff! This has all but replaced my other lotions. I love the thickness of the lotion, I adore the packaging, and I love the smell. It's light, refreshing, and smells of rich moisturizing butters with a hint of lemon. I need to buy stock in this stuff!
That's When I Fell for the Leader of the (Hair) Pack: This is a deep conditioning hair mask. Love it. My hair is dry most of the time, but this stuff conditions without weighing your locks down. I love the name of the product too! ;)

 Farewell the Scarlet Pimplehell: Haha, I love this name! Too perfect. Anatomicals, I adore you!! This is a mud facial mask that helps to cleanse the skin on your face without drying it or clogging pores, it can also help to get rid of or siphon away any oils and bacteria that may be lurking to cause...gasp...zits!

Snog Me Senseless Mints: These are cute! I love the retro tin packaging. These breath mints are sugar-free and they taste super yummy. The package is compact enough to fit in your jean pocket or your clutch handbag. 

Check out the Anatomicals Store where you can find product info, prices, and order some Anatomicals goodies. You can also check out their other products, I posted quite a few here, but there are still more I haven't tried yet. I. Need. More. Anantomicals.

Unfortunately for Americans(like me!), Anatomicals is hard to find in the US, but their products are very affordable, so US gals (or guys) can order from the UK Anatomicals online shop.

Geez, Anatomicals, I have a super huge crush on you. Your brand almost makes me wanna be british! ;)

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