Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Jewelry Dream Guitar Pick Earrings!

How beyond adorable are these earrings? I love these handmade guitar pick earrings from The Jewelry Dream is one of my favorite Etsy shops. Kayleigh, the creator, hand makes each piece of jewelry by hand. She has fun modern shrinky dink pieces, guitar pick jewelry, vintage pieces and more. Everything is really fun and cute. I got these super hot Guns N' Roses guitar pick earrings, and the Hot Pink lightning bolt earrings, shown above. She also makes these Beatles earrings and these sweet little Hello Kitty earrings. She makes necklaces too, like this Pink Resin and Guitar Pick necklace!

I also got these Butterfly Sequin earrings. They look awesome in the pic, but I think they're even cooler in person :) I love all of these fun designs, and I like that a lot of the jewelry pieces at The Jewelry Dream are upcycled from every day items and turned into one of a kind little treasures. They offer fast shipping too, which is always a plus. Check out The Jewelry Dream and let me know what you like from the shop.

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Justin Levitt said...

These are awesome plectrum earrings! I'd love to see the same kind of thing but in the form of a guitar pick necklace or pendant.