Friday, March 19, 2010

With Love, Bunny [store spotlight]

The first time I stumbled across With Love, Bunny was actually while browsing the popular online handmade marketplace, Etsy. Here's a little bit of background information on the founder of With Love, Bunny. Her name is Nikky S. Gustafson and she is AWESOME. She graduated from the Illinois Institute of Art with a Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts in Fashion Design! Her inspiration for her creations started with vintage TV shows like The Brady Bunch and Three's Company (I can watch hours of re-runs of both shows) and then she used modern ideas and turned junk/discarded items into one-of-a-kind masterpieces! Each piece is truly original and EVERYBODY will want to know where you got your awesome necklace/handbag!

Nikky made me a custom necklace! How awesome is this?!

And a close up!

Here are some of her other pieces:

This is so freaking adorable.

I love this Gwen Stefani-inspired handbag! If you love it too, check it out!

Calling all Gaga fans!

Like Love it? Make it yours here.

This necklace is beyond awesome. I feel 10x more bad ass just by looking at it!

You can get your own here!

I think this one is hilarious, this would be an awesome conversation starter!

Get it here

These are just a few of Nikky's creations, there are many more to choose from and you can even custom order your own!

So where can you get some With Love, Bunny of your own?

With Love, Bunny [etsy store]

With Love, Bunny [official website]

With Love, Bunny Fan Page [Facebook]

With Love, Bunny [Myspace]

With Love, Bunny [Twitter]



Anonymous said...

SO cute!! I love her style. That custom necklace is so cute. I want to get one done. I'm thinking up ideas of what I may want done custom made. I also love the Wicked necklace, and her handbags are so awesome!!

kimber doll said...

All of those creations are so unique and cute! My fave is the first necklace though - so intricate!
Thanks a lot for posting my giveaway on your sidebar, doll. I'm following now =)

Josie said...

I have an award I’d like to give to you! Check it out at my blog –

Thanks for the great blog and enjoy the award! Love the necklace by the way :-)

alli said...

i love the organic shaping of the necklaces, frantic and lovely at the same time. super original works of art! now that's what the world needs more of, fabulous work with love, bunny! (and you too blogging beauty L and C Cigs!!) <3