Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Make Up For Ever review

I don't think I have ever met a MUFE product that I didn't like love. The pigmentation is amazing! Actually, I prefer the matte finish eyeshadows to M.A.C matte eyeshadows. For some reason, every M.A.C matte eyeshadow I have seems to fall flat, but I never have this problem with Make Up For Ever. Also, you get a lot more product than you do with M.A.C shadows! The colors are vibrant and a little bit goes a very long way!
Eyeshadow in Yellow Gold (#10)
This is such a gorgeous shimmery yellow! I love pairing it on the inner corners and as a highlight in the center of my lid when I usually do a shimmery green eye. I have noticed that some yellows can be extremely unflattering, but since is this is a very golden yellow, it adds a very beautiful light golden sparkle. I love bold and bright colors but I used to be somewhat hesitant about wearing yellows on my eyes, but this is a very safe shade of yellow. So this would be a great choice for somebody who generally wears neutrals but would like to experiment with brighter and bolder colors...also a great choice for those who love brights! It's a very pretty flattering golden toned yellow that I imagine would suit many skin tones!

Lipstick in Fluorescent Orange Pink (#203)
I have many bright pink lipsticks that I adore, and this is no exception! It's so moisturizing! Most highly pigmented lipsticks with great staying power tend to lack moisture, but this really defies that "standard"! It's a very bright and in-your-face rock star hot pink, but can be blotted down to a sheer bright pink flush. However, most of the fun in sporting such a fun bright shade is wearing it in its full intensity! Prepare to get many compliments while wearing this color. I love it and I have every intention of regularly wearing this color. I have similar shades, but part of its appeal is how comfortable it feels on your lips and how moisturizing it is! Some people dislike lipstick because of the generalization that lipstick looks and feels "heavy", but this doesn't feel heavy or uncomfortable at all! There are several other shades to choose from if such a bright shade isn't your "thing" but I do highly recommend this shade!

 (See how pigmented this eyeshadow is? I swiped the color with my finger only one time and swatched it on my hand, and it packed SO much pigment! I also swatched the lipstick lightly and heavily to show the maximum intensity of the color!)


Anonymous said...

I love love love MUFE shadows! I totally agree that they are nicer than MAC shadows. Their lipstick is so nice too. Great colors!

Dvoradivine said...

I love MUFE. and the lipstick especially! and yes i agree. the matts are way better than MAC. Mac Matte2 are pretty good though!

I BLEED PINK said...

Loving that lipstick color!

Nik said...

Those look gorgeous! I seriously need to try that brand.

Nik said...

I tagged you in my post Ash