Monday, July 5, 2010

Ashley's Beauty Role Models.

These are some of the women who have inspired my "look" and have left their mark on the world of beauty and fashion. Each of these featured women had something special that mesmerized their public when they first came onto the scene, and they continue to mesmerize their present-day audiences through their photos and films.

Rita Hayworth

I used to work at a restaurant and occasionally, I would wear red lips and pin-up inspired winged liner. The older customers in the restaurant used to smile at me and a few of them said that I reminded them of Rita Hayworth. I also remember this adorable old man saying to me: "It was faces like yours that got me and the boys through World War II!"

Jayne Mansfield

Many girls love Marilyn Monroe and view her as the ultimate blonde bombshell, but I'm on Team Jayne. This woman defines the term. Although she met an untimely end at only 34 years old, she left a lasting impact on the world and nobody will forget Ms. Manfield anytime soon.

Brigette Bardot

Brigette reigns as one of the most beloved bombshells of all time and this picture shows exactly why. No need to elaborate.

Veronica Lake

I was first introduced to Veronica Lake while watching "Sullivan's Travels" late one night when I couldn't sleep, and I couldn't help but watch her during the entire movie, even when she wasn't speaking or if she was simply in the background. She had a magnetic appearance. She was often photographed with a smirk as if she knew something that the audience didn't.

Gia M. Carangi

The life of this gorgeous 70's supermodel was tragic and ended at the age of 26, but everybody who saw her couldn't take their eyes off of her. It's pretty clear why.

Angelina Jolie

Angie is not only a super talented actress (who played the former beauty role model in a biopic about her life), but she is super gorgeous as well. Her humanitarian efforts are very impressive! I have that exact same shade of (now discontinued) lipstick.

Kate Winslet

Besides being one of my favorite actresses, Kate Winslet is drop dead gorgeous. In every film I have ever seen her in including "Little Children" where she is described by the narrator as having somewhat of a frumpy appearance, she's still gorgeous.


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Alex said...

They're all amazing women - Rita Hayworth was everything you say she is - and 100X more when she dances.