Tuesday, July 6, 2010

LeCosmetique.com review

A few months back I found this awesome online cosmetic shop called LeCosmetique.com, they sell OCC makeup, Zpalette, airbrush makeup, makeup artist supplies, and more. They offer great prices and fast shipping! I was really pleased with my experience with their shop, so I wanted to let all of my readers know about the store. I got OCC Liptar in Vapid, OCC Airbrush Makeup Mixing Base and Corrector Set, and the LeCosmetique 10 Color Blush Palette.

Here is a swatch of Vapid Lip Tar, on my sister's warm skin tone. It's a really pretty pale lavender color. I love lip tar! So I was excited to try one of their newer shades. You can get your hands on this lovely color for $10! That's a few bucks cheaper than the OCC website!

Here are a few swatches from the 10 Color Blush Palette. The colors are nicely pigmented, and come in a variety of pinks, orange, and bronze. I love the darker bronze color for contouring! It's one of my fav contour colors. This palette is awesome, I use it often. It's only $17.95

The OCC Airbrush Makeup Mixing Base and Corrector set is awesome! You get a green color, blue, red, white, black, yellow, black and olive. This airbrush makeup will work in any airbrush stylus. I like the white for a color base, and green for toning down redness. You can get the entire set of colors for $25

I highly recommend LeCosmetique to all of my readers who are looking for OCC makeup at a discounted price, and for those makeup artists who want good prices and high quality products!

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I BLEED PINK said...

I wish I had known about this website when I placed my order for my Lip tars. I still want the color you posted though its super pretty!!