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Brigette's Boutique store review

Brigette's Boutique is a M.A.C fan's dream. Brigette also carries several other beauty brands from Almay to YSL, with several amazing brands in between such as Estee Lauder, Benefit, Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, Lancome, Make Up For Ever, Stila, Smashbox and Urban Decay! There are many more brands available at Brigette's Boutique, the only way to see everything she has to offer is to visit her website! I consider Brigette's Boutique to be one of the very best online stores. Besides the abundance of available brands, the customer service is exceptional! Not to mention the extremely affordable prices! Your beauty budget doesn't have to suffer in these hard economic times when you shop at Brigette's Boutique! She has many discontinued products as well, perfect for tracking down that favorite product of yours that sadly isn't available anymore. Also, I have noticed that the prices for discontinued items are way better than those on eBay. Brigette can't be beat!

I will be showcasing four of the many M.A.C items available at Brigette's Boutique: Electro [lipstick], Electra [eyeshadow], Ms.Fizz [dazzleglass], and Superflash! [superglass].

M.A.C Lipstick in "Electro"
I can recall my sadness the day this shade sold out at I had looked on eBay several times for this lipstick only to see prices that were much more than I could afford at the time. One day while browsing Brigette's Boutique, to my surprise, "Electro" was in stock!!! This is my PERFECT summer lipstick! It doesn't clash at all against my copper red hair and it's extremely flattering. I often use various lipliners under this lipstick to tweak the color a bit, but no matter what the base color is, it's always such a juicy orange! I usually use "Electro" with a red or magenta lipliner, or I wear it on its own (it's pigmented enough to wear on its own!). I really like the Lustre finish, it gives the appearance of a juicy lip that is the color of fresh citrus. It really pops against my fair skin, but would also look great against deep skintones as well. This color is very flattering with my hair color. This color is very helpful with disguising my undereye circles. I just pat the color underneath my eye with my ring finger, and then go over it with my regular concealer and the orange tones really counteract the blue tones of my circles.
**Note: Sadly, Electro is no longer available at Brigette's Boutique. But I highly recommend checking back frequently, she's always adding new products!**

M.A.C Eyeshadow in "Electra"
This is my favorite silver eyeshadow, hands down. The search is over! I was always searching for the perfect silver to pair with Silver Ring, Knight Divine and Black Tied and Shroom.(Black Tied is also available at Brigette's Boutique). Enter Electra. This is HG worthy (Holy Grail, that's lingo among many makeup addicts like myself)! It's the prettiest icy silver shimmery color in my collection and I plan to use it over and over again. This color also looks great with my skintone and I have seen this color on those with skintones darker than my own and it looked equally beautiful! This is a very versatile silver that I think every M.A.C addict should own. It really pops against my brown eyes and the contrast is double-take worthy! I think the silver hue would electrify blue and green and hazel eyes as well. A must have.
You can find MAC Electra here at Brigette's Boutique. 

M.A.C Dazzleglass in "Ms. Fizz"
This is my favorite dazzleglass that I own. When I took it out of his package, my sister and I both stared at it in awe. It's the most gorgeous hot pink fuschia imaginable with amazing blue pearl and lots of visible glitter. The color somewhat reminds me of the Heatherette packaging, very bright and fun! I first heard about Ms. Fizz awhile back, but it was no longer available and I thought that I would never adorn my lips with its sparkly gorgeousness until I found it on Brigette's Boutique! I checked eBay for this shade a few times, and usually turned up very little results. Besides the color, this is so affordable! In fact, it's less expensive than a regular M.A.C dazzleglass - and this one is discontinued! This looks amazing over any pink lipstick from Chatterbox to Girl About Town to Show Orchid, to other pink lipsticks such as NARS Schiap! This dazzleglass is super pigmented, I have worn this on its own a few times and loved it just as much as if it were layered over my favorite bright pink lipstick!
You can find MAC Ms. Fizz here at Brigette's Boutique.

M.A.C Superglass in "Superflash!"
I have one other superglass and I love both of them dearly, but this was my first introduction to Superglass. The glitter in this gloss is AMAZING. It catches the light (artificial and natural) in the most flattering of ways! It looks great on its own, or over a lipstick! This color is versatile enough to go over any of my pink -bright and neutral pink- lipsticks. In the sunlight, there is a slight green iridescence to some of the flecks of glitter (reminiscent of M.A.C lipstick Lollipop Loving). This superglass has the vanilla scent that all M.A.C products have. This Superglass must have been from a particularly fresh batch of product because the scent of this Superglass smells extra-delicious!
You can find MAC "Superflash!" here at Brigette's Boutique.


 Electra swatched twice (left), swatched once (right)

Electro (left), Superflash! (middle), Ms. Fizz (right)

<- Isn't that the juiciest orange you've ever seen?!

<- The glitter in Superflash! is perfect.

<- Doesn't Ms. Fizz remind you of the fun and bright packaging of the M.AC collection Heatherette?

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