Thursday, July 22, 2010

Top 5 M.A.C lipsticks

(L to R: Jubilee, Ruby Woo, Lady Danger, Girl About Town, Port Red)

Jubilee was my first M.A.C lipstick therefore it will always hold a special place in my heart. I'm typically not a fan of nude lipsticks, but this is my favorite nude.My sister loves Jubilee too, she bought her own tube and it's her go-to everyday lipstick. I love that it's one of the few nude lipsticks that don't wash out my fair complexion, and I have seen this shade suit a variety of skin tones. If you're looking for a pretty nude lipstick, try Jubilee! It's the nude lipstick I recommend to friends and family, and now, to my amazing readers. I credit this shade for starting my lipstick addiction. The one in the photo is my second tube of Jubilee, I used the first one up!

Ruby Woo is one of my favorite reds from M.A.C. I love the amazing reds M.A.C offers, and Ruby Woo definitely delivers! I love the very matte finish, I feel like a pin-up girl whenever I swipe this shade on. It has a very strong blue base, but even my sister (who has very predominant warm tones) can pull off Ruby Woo beautifully. In my experience, this lipstick looks amazing in any lighting (natural, artificial). We all know how crucial it is to find a color that looks great even in unflattering lighting, and this is it. I have worn this shade to the movies, to school, etc. There really is no place that I wouldn't wear Ruby Woo. Dress it up, dress it down, Ruby's versatile! It also has great teeth-whitening properties because of the strong blue base and that's always a plus!

Lady Danger is one of my other favorite reds from M.A.C. It's the most gorgeous poppy red when applied to my lips. This shade looks exceptionally nice in natural lighting/outdoors. Sometimes I apply this lipstick when I'm having a bad day and the perkiness of the color makes me smile. However, because of the strong orange base, it might pull the yellow tones in your teeth but my teeth are pretty white so it's not much of an issue for me. To rock Lady Danger, you need confidence in knowing just how amazing the shade looks on you. However, how can you feel truly confident if the orange tones are making your teeth appear a bit more yellow? An easy way to remedy that is to use a red lipliner to really play up the red tones of this lipstick. This is a color that I think everybody should try, it's so bright and fun and I really love it. I thought I lost it one day and nearly cried, that's how much I love this lipstick! It looks very orange in the photo, but it looks much more red in real life.

Girl About Town is my go-to bright pink lipstick. I bought it on my birthday 2 years ago and it was love at first swipe. This is such a gorgeous blue-based dark bright pink. I love it, it's so versatile. You can blot this lipstick on for a pretty stain, or apply straight from the tube to really bask in the beauty of the color. This was my first "bright" lipstick that started my affair with bright lipstick colors, so like Jubilee, this one holds a very dear place in my heart. I like to rock this with shimmery lids, false eyelashes and black winged liner. However, I have used this lipstick with a smokey dark eye for a "rocker chick" look. This lipstick looks great with Style Minx (from Heatherette '08) on top, or a Dazzleglass (Extra Amps, Ms. Fizz and Funtabulous are my favorite dazzleglasses to pair with Girl About Town)!

Port Red is sadly discontinued, but I tracked one down on ebay and I'm so very glad that I did! This is such a gorgeous metallic red. It's a bit lighter than the highly sought after lipstick "Queen's Sin". The frost finish really sets this lipstick apart from the rest, it's a gorgeous red without the frost but the frost gives it the gorgeous metallic appearance that makes me love this shade so much. I'm running low on this color, so I will probably end up tracking down another on eBay when I run out. I would be a very happy girl if M.A.C re-promoted this shade, I would buy 10 tubes! That's how much I love this color. This is a lipstick that I feel pretty whenever I wear, I have worn this on dates and even if the guy turned out to be a boring dud (and they usually always do), at least I know that I looked good!


Jackee said...

I'm more of a nude kinda chick..ha! I'll have to check out Jubilee or look through my collection...I may already have it in my stash! Thanks for the post!

Sabrina said...

Ruby Woo and Girl About Town have now been added to my crazy long list of things I want! Love this post as I am just now getting into lipstick!

Lillian Funny Face said...

I absolutely love Girl About Town and Lady Danger ands Port Red sounds gorgeous. I love the colour of Ruby Woo but find it so incredibly dry i can't apply it easily!

Randi Troxell said...

basically i am dying to get a hold of that ruby roo... i can just imagine how beautiful it is!!

lovely place you have here.. hope you don't mind another follower.. i think i will stay around a while!

Roxy said...

I love love love Girl About Town! But I can't wear it everyday. =[ lol I put up the poll so you can start telling your followers to vote for you!

Sophia said...

Nice post! Lots of great info. Thanks for sharing! I've heard that Light Summer Lips are in this season. Do you agree?