Monday, July 5, 2010

Graftobian HD Sampler Airbrush makeup

I love Graftobian, their makeup is really high quality, and I've been using their products for about a year now. I've tried their makeup palettes in the past, so when I got an airbrush system, I turned to Graftobian for quality HD airbrush makeup! The Graftobian HD Sampler Airbrush Makeup comes in 3 different shades, #1 Cool, #2 Warm, and #3 Neutral. I have Cool and Warm. The cool thing about these sampler sets, is that you get 5 airbrush makeup bottles with shades that can be mixed or used regular to create your perfect airbrush makeup color to complement your skin tone. You also get a HD Color Palette! Which is their super popular HD foundation in cream format! The cream is awesome, easy to blend, and can be used with the airbrush makeup, or without! I use the palette along with my Beauty Blender for flawless application. The Cool shades are pretty fair in color, and go well with my porcelain skin color. The Warm shades offers medium to darker shades that are perfect for use on some of my friends that have warmer skin tones. It only takes a few drops of airbrush makeup, so these little bottles have lasted me quite nicely. You can use Graftobian Airbrush makeup in any airbrush stylus! Graftobian does have it's own Airbrush system though also. These HD sampler packs are awesome! You can get each set for $34.99 which is definitely worth the money, in my opinion, because of Graftobian's quality colors and formula. Check them out at

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