Thursday, March 19, 2009

DevaCurl review

This is revolutionary: a diffuser that attaches to any standard blow dryer, but with a hand-shaped attachment to shape your natural curls! This works best on naturally wavy or curly hair. The model of the hand shaped diffuser is specifically designed to eliminate frizz, a common problem for wavy/curly haired girls like myself. You guide the diffusing "hand" to parts of your scalp and hold for a few seconds, to lock in the shape and ensure constant air flow in more than one direction to dry it all at once. [all images are clickable]

You can also try DevaCare hair products that are without all of the harmful cleansing agents in most shampoos/conditioners that don't really help the frizz problem. They have products for curly hair, keeping color from fading, etc. It's like a one-stop haircare place. You can get an awesome styling tool and all of the products to help lock in your style!

So curly haired girls, give it a try! Think about it: what do you really have to lose but frizz?



Rai said...

Too bad I don't have curly hair. lol

Lique said...

oooh i'm going to look into this one!