Friday, March 6, 2009

Eyeko Beauty review

I have heard such great things about Eyeko, everything from their face cream to their fat balms to their nail polishes. I am reviewing:

Fat Balm in "Raspberry"
This smells amazing, very easy to apply, hydrates/adds moisture, and the colors are pretty. I am reviewing the "Raspberry" one in particular, the color is a bit dark for my complexion, but I am very fair...the lightest in most foundation shades, and even sometimes those shades are too dark! So considering my level of fairness, I can imagine that this color would be perfect for medium to darker skin tones. I just don't think it's right for me, but it would probably work on olive to deep skin tones.

Nail Polish in "Vamp Polish"
This nail polish is a deep blue, there is enough blue in it so it's not too dark for fair skin tones unless you're after that high contrast look. However, this nail polish is a gorgeous vampy navy blue shade. The color reminds me of very ripe blueberries.



Linda said...

I heart Eyeko so much!

Rai said...

I've been wanting to try them out. Thanks for the review!