Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tarte review

I love Tarte. Apparently I'm not alone, this brand has made appearances in magazines like "Seventeen", "Lucky" and "Shape" just to name a few. I actually wore a double ended Tarte lip gloss during my senior year when I took my SAT (that I actually did amazingly well on, especially for my first attempt!)

A Perfect Whirled
(natural swirl cheek stain)

One swipe of this cheek stain delivers a gorgeously healthy looking coral flushed pink, and the light shimmery seashell pink provides a great highlight to the cheek adding a youthful glow. I was blown away at just how natural this actually appeared on my cheeks after I applied to the apples. If you're on the go and want a quick pick me up, this is definitely for you! It is like 2 products in one (blush and a highlighter). Just swipe on, blend a little bit, and you instantly have the appearance of a natural looking flush with a soft pretty highlight!

Spring Greening: Re-usable straw palette

This set definitely enables you to follow one of the three R's to help out the environment (reduce, recycle, and in this case, reuse). This set comes with a small bamboo brush (GREAT for blending the eyeshadow!) I was blown away at the size of this brush, and how it blends with such ease! The six eye shadows are highly pigmented and blend seamlessly using one of your other eye makeup brushes, or the bamboo brush that comes with the set. This set also contains three lip glosses. The clear sparkly gloss can be used over many shades, and the pink and peach glosses are totally gorgeous and the shine is amazing. I could see myself re-using this cute little straw palette as a small storage space when I have used up all of the eye shadows and lip glosses! Although it will probably be awhile before I run out of the eye shadows, from what I can see, it looks like you get a fairly decent amount of product. That's always a plus, and the straw palette is small and can easily fit into a medium sized purse, and I think this would be totally ideal for travel!

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