Saturday, March 7, 2009

Julie Hewett Cosmetics review

I'm reviewing 2 lip lushes in "Harlow" and "Bardot". I'm also reviewing the Cheekie in "Rosie", that comes with the adorable "Cheekie" brush!

Lip lushes in "Harlow" and "Bardot"
"Harlow" is a gorgeous gold-flecked reddish pink. The color isn't extremely opaque, the coverage is semi-sheer. It smells amazing! It makes me think of gingerbread cookies!
"Bardot" is a glistening light bronze, definitely channeling the icon it's named after: Bridgette Bardot! The coverage is a little bit lighter than "Harlow", but it has the same great gingerbread smell!

This is where my real rave is...

Cheekie Lip/Cheek shine in "Rosie"
The cheekie comes in six different shades: vampie, peachie, rosie, jami, bette, and natural. I'm reviewing "Rosie". The color is gorgeous, it looks like medium natural lip color. My lips are extremely light, so this makes a great base for any lip color/lip gloss or if you want a pretty pink stain without looking like you're wearing 'obvious makeup'. I love makeup whether it's natural or obvious, but this is for the days when you're feelin' really haggard and you just need a quick pink-y pick-me-up! I like to dip my finger into the pot (when I'm in a hurry) and apply the most color in the middle of my lower lip and spread the color out to the edges, but concentrating on the inner part of the bottom lip. This also works as a blush, you can apply it with your fingertip or with the cute little 'cheekie' brush. It blends very nicely into the skin! This is exactly what I wanted Benefit's "Benetint lip balm" to be. Gorgeous rosy pink color but without the nauseating rose smell or strange fuschia red color that appears after awhile of wearing it. This has earned its place in my personal makeup bag. I'm in love.


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